Be visible!

I am a Woman in Audiovisual


Promote and protect the interests and rights of women and girls in the audiovisual (cinematic) and multimedia sectors for fair representation and employment through:
a) improving the national legal framework according to the best global practices of gender equality,
b) building the capacities of professionals in the field, and
c) educating the public.

AWA fulfills its mission by:
Increasing women’s and girls’ representation in all commissions and decision-making boards in the audiovisual sector.

through various activities, the aim is to educate, inform and sensitize the public on the role and importance of gender equality in the audiovisual sector.
Supporting young creators in the audio-visual field through trainings, internships, and the exchange of experiences in order to train them with the principles of gender equality in the multimedia products they create.
Through various activities, AWA monitors and responds to all negative phenomena that go against the interests and rights of women and girls in the audiovisual media sector. It monitors the implementation of the Gender Equality Law in Albania (Law No. 9970, dated 24.7.2008,) exerting an overarching effect to all the public institutions that exercie their activity in the audiovisual field.
Of association members through training programs, promoting best practices, holding seminars, round tables, research studies and various conferences.
For issues related to the crucial role of women in decision-making in audiovisual media and the right to information, especially regarding the legislation in this sector.


AWA works towards an audiovisual sector in Albania where women and men have equal opportunities for representation in decision making, professional qualifications and project completions. It serves as a model of best practices in the field of audiovisual, cinematic and multimedia media.

Slogan – I am a woman in Audiovisual. Be visible!

For more, read the 2019-2021 Strategic Plan and the AWA Statute.




The Embassy is proud to see how a small contribution to AWA through AWEN has resulted in this high level impact. It is a very good example on how civil society organizations are engaged successfully in the preparations of Albania for the EU negotiations.
Elsa Hastad
Ambassador of Sweden in Albania
This is a powerful documentary that shows the solution paths by empowering women who want to get out of the cycle of violence.
Yuri Kim
Ambassador of USA in Albania, October 2021
I congratulate you on this initiative (campaign against violence against women). I liked the whole idea as a whole, and especially the inclusion of men in the awareness message.
Nada Dosti
The AWA forums were an excellent tool to raise our awareness about sexism in the media and ways to combat it.
Xhensila Mirashi
Activist, Korca