Eglantina Cenomeri

Ms. Eglantin Cenomeri born in Tirana, Albania in 1981, experienced part of her childhood in Berlin, Germany. She studied Directing and Dramaturgy at the Academy of Fine Arts, graduating successfully. Eglantina furthered her education with postgraduate studies, earning a Master’s Degree in Philosophy and Sociology from the University of Sciences in Tirana, focusing on “Theatre Anthropology” in her dissertation. Her career began as a director in the Young Directors Project at the National Theatre, where she directed George Goldenberg’s “Knepp.” She also gained valuable experience as an assistant director, collaborating with renowned figures such as Ellen Stewart at “La Mamma” theatre for “AESCLEPIUS” and Austrian Director Chris Papke for “Thomas Bernhard’s Force of Habit.” Eglantina’s talents extend to acting, with notable performances in various international theatrical productions, including works like “Becket’s Sweet – Thattine – Not I – Quad” with Astragali Teatro and Vangelis Vasilopoulos’ “Trojans.” She also participated in Bertolt Brecht’s “A Respectable Wedding” at the National Theatre of Tirana and Adonis Filipi’s “Electra” at the National Theatre. In addition to her stage work, Eglantina has made appearances in several short films, including “SATURDAY CIGARETTES” and “Signs” directed by Odeta Cunaj, which won the Short Film category at FILM FEST 2009. She has also contributed to feature films such as the Belgian production “DOSSIER K” directed by Yan Verhayan, which received the Special Jury Prize at the Durres International Film Festival in 2010, and “AGON,” a feature film directed by Robert Budina.

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