Tirana joins the Campaign Against Sexual Harassment “I Speak Up”

April 16, 2024by admin

April 11, 2024—The outdoor campaign against sexual harassment titled “I Speak Up” by AWA and UNDP Albania has garnered the attention of thousands of citizens across the Municipality of Tirana.

The campaign, launched on March 6, 2024, under the slogan “This city does not remain silent but speaks out against sexual harassment,” placed messages for a month in key locations of the city, covering areas such as the city center, Elbasan Road, Tirana e Re, and Kombinati.


Additionally, 800,000 to 900,000 passengers who traveled with Kamza’s urban transport lines during the month of March were informed through signs attached to all 70 buses of the line. These signs provided information and phone numbers indicating where sexual harassment can be reported. Besides the State Police number, two counseling hotline numbers for women and children have also been displayed to help citizens of all ages.


During this period, as part of the movement against sexual harassment and violence, AWA launched the #ispeakup challenge on social media to raise awareness among Albanian society about the issues of sexual violence and harassment. The challenge has reached around 250,000 views so far, with participation from public figures such as: Flutura Açka, Enkel Demi, Merita Bakiu, Erisa Xhixho, Etilda Gjonaj, Migena Shyti Kapllani, Lela Xhafa, Sevim Arbana, Geri Emiri, Ema Andrea, Suela Bako, Irena Myzeqari, Elga Mitre, Ines Shehu, Gentiana Susaj, Sabina Kodra, Erisilda Shpata, Sonila Boriçi, Florian Haçkaj, Bledar Milaqi, Edlira Ruzi, Eriada Çela, etc. The challenge has also been shared by our partner organizations such as AWEN, GADC, Vatra, YWCA Albania, “Different and Equal”, “Gender, Paqe e Siguri,” etc., expanding its reach and impact.

The social media campaign continues throughout April, drawing the attention of women and men, boys and girls, who believe that by speaking out, we can empower the silenced voices. The outdoor campaign, designed by ‘Albanian Woman in Audiovisual’ as part of the United Nations Joint Program ‘End Violence Against Women,’ which is funded by the Swedish Government and implemented by UNDP and other UN agencies in Albania, will continue with the release of the podcast series ‘I Speak Up’ starting from April 15.  The podcast’s episodes feature the stories of harassment and sexual assault survivors alongside insightful analysis and advices from experts on how to respond to such situations.


For further additional information, please contact: awa.albania@gmail.com