Call for application – Media Monitoring experts

November 1, 2023by admin

In the framework of the Project Reporting Diversity Network – The New Agenda co-funded by the European Union, Albanian Women in Audiovisual is seeking to contract two Media Monitoring experts.

About us:

AWA is a non-profit organization that focuses on advancing the promotion and support of women in the audiovisual sector. Albania Women in Audiovisual is a unique organization dedicated to creating a better work environment for women professionals by improving legislation, strengthening the capacities of women professionals on gender-sensitive topics, and empowering young audiences with media literacy skills.

In its mission to enhance diversity in media content, AWA has positioned itself as a feminist media hub. It develops media campaigns and produces content using ICT (Information and Communication Technology) as a key tool to connect with its audiences. This includes podcasts, edutainment, and social media content.

About the project:

AWA is implementing the EU co-funded project “Reporting Diversity Network – The New Agenda”.  The Reporting Diversity Network has been established in 2020 with the support of the EU Civil Society Facility and Media Programme 2018-2019

The purpose of the RDN network is to activate the role of civil society in counter measuring the narratives of the divide and replacing them with much needed positive discourse contributing to the value of good neighbouring relations and respect for diversity. As all WB countries do have legal framework preventing hate, supporting antidiscrimination, and regulating media, the RDN use the potential of the existing regulative in synergy with innovative methodology and campaigning to publicly uncover, expose and challenge the most frequent and exemplary misuse of media for conveying messages of fear, disrespect and hate towards the others.

Purpose of the service

In the framework of “Reporting Diversity Network – The New Agenda”, AWA is currently seeking Media Monitoring experts who will be responsible for the execution of the following tasks:

  1. To monitor on a monthly basis the media landscape in Albania, following the RDN Media monitoring methodology.
  2. To identify in average 3-5 hate speech incidents, as well as support the process of reacting to the hate speech incidents.
  3. To report the identified incidents to AWA project coordinator
  4. To register the identified incidents in the incident form in line with the instructions provided by the  RDN project coordinator. In case the information in the form is not sufficient, the monitors should be ready to respond the additional questions of the project team, especially in order to prepare Troll of the month, Monthly highlights or reactions to hate speech.
  5. To prepare repository counter reactions for the identified incidents and those agreed for follow-up actions by RDN and AWA representatives.
  6. To attend the bi-monthly Monitoring meetings.


Required skills and qualifications:

  • At least 3 years of experience in media monitoring including quantitative and qualitative analysis of contents.
  • Samples of previous works
  • User friendly format of reports
  • Easy to use platform for online platform and mobile users.
  • Database of national newspapers, magazines, main radio stations, national TV channels and web-based media monitored.
  • Good knowledge of Albanian an English
  • Demonstrated ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure to produce reports.
  • Flexibility in responding to the needs of AWA and RDN
  • Experience in providing media monitoring for regional networks.


General conditions procedures and logistics

The expert will work outside AWA/RDN premises expect for the convenient meetings.


Timeframe of the duration of the assignment:

The selected expert will be working under AWA service contract for a period of one year with the possibility of extension, based on organization’s needs, experts performance and available resources.


The timeframe of the consultancy is January 2024 – February 2027


Application procedure:

Interested candidates are invited to send their CV and Letter of Interest at no later than 30th November 2023 with subject “Expert: Media Monitoring”