AWA presents to the Media Commission the study on the harmonization of legislation with the EU acquis regarding sexism in the media

June 24, 2023by admin
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Press release

Tirana, December 20, 2022

AWA representatives met with the Parliamentary Commission for Education and Public Information to discuss the study of legislation related to sexism in the media in relation to European Union law. The chairman Flutura Açka, deputy chairman Petro Koçi, deputy Merita Bakiu, also chairman of the Alliance of Women Deputies, and member Andia Ulliri represented the commission. At the end of the meeting, deputies Lindita Buxheli, Teuta Ramaj and Eralda Tase also joined.

Valbona Sulçe, member of the AWA Executive Board, presented the work done so far to ensure a fair portrayal of women and girls in audiovisual media, free of stereotypes and objectification or sexualization, as is often the case. Sulçe brought to the attention of the deputies present, in reference to the process of European integration, in which the Parliament plays a key role, that the values on which this union is founded go beyond gender equality and respect for the dignity of everyone, regardless of gender.

The study’s author, prof. Eralda Methasani, then gave a brief presentation of the study’s findings and recommendations, focusing on the role of audiovisual media in changing harmful mindsets for women and girls and the need to regulate this aspect by law, as well as in implementing the obligations from international treaties to which Albania is a signatory. “Several changes in other laws should be implemented, in addition to the legal changes in the audiovisual media law, to fully address the issue of sexism in the media.” We also recommend that the Assembly pass a resolution on this subject.”

Ms. Açka welcomed AWA’s proposal and asked that a full copy of the study be deposited in the Commission’s secretariat so that other members could become acquainted with it as well. She promised that the Commission will pursue this issue with urgency in order to achieve consensus on a topic that affects all legislators, regardless of party affiliation.

Mr. Koçi, for his part, appreciated the timing of the proposal, also as a further impetus in the European integration process. He suggested that AWA address a letter of information to the special Electoral Reform Commission, given that such behavior is manifested mostly during election campaigns.

Mr. Koçi, for his part, praised the proposal’s timing as a further impetus in the European integration process. Given that such behavior is most prevalent during election campaigns, he suggested that AWA send a letter of information to the special Electoral Reform Commission.

Mrs. Bakiu supported the AWA initiative, pledging cooperation with the Alliance of Women Deputies, which has the most deputies in this legislature, with 50.

The meeting was held as part of the project “Harmonization of national legislation related to sexism in audiovisual media with the EU acquis,” which is funded by REACTOR-Research in Action and its partners as part of the Action “Advancing gender equality through the European Integration Process.” The European Union is funding this action, and Sweden is co-funding.