We empower women and girls against sexism in the media

June 21, 2023by admin

Time period: May 2020- May 2021

Funded by: European Union, Confrontation program

Co-applicant: Equality in Decision-Making (BNV)

The project will address the process of empowering young men and women to identify, report and respond to sexism and misogyny, while equipping them with media monitoring skills. The problem of sexism in the media will be addressed through two activities: 1) One study on sexism in the Albanian television media, and 2) three workshops with representatives of women’s associations, youth, media and interest groups in Kukës, Patos and Krujë to present the findings of the study and to identify, refer and denounce sexism in media.

Contact person: Valbona Sulce, AWA/ Geldona Metaj, BNV